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Tree Cable Bracing

Does your tree have limp or drooping branches? This might be indicative of stress on its structure due to high winds, storm damage or heavy foliage. At MTS Trees, we can strengthen weakened branches and prevent their collapse with tree cabling and bracing. This proactive and preventative technique of cable bracing trees holds branches securely in place even in the event of failure.

What Does It Involve?

Our tree cabling service can thoroughly and accurately assess the state of a tree, identifying weak points in the structure that require extra support. Tree support cables can be used for temporary support until the compromised branches are safely removed without risking people or property. They can also be used on a more permanent basis for trees with co-dominant stems.

The Benefits Of Tree Cabling And Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing technique can help a weakened tree in many aspects, such as:

  • It can protect and preserve trees that might otherwise be lost as a result of age, overgrowth or storm damage.
  • This is especially useful for older and more mature trees that aren’t so easily replaced.
  • It allows tree branches to flex and bend without sustaining damage.
  • These cables and braces can extend the longevity of a tree and ensure it holds up for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tree cable bracing can help reduce the risk of tree failure during storms by providing additional support to weak or structurally compromised trees, minimising the chances of branches or the entire tree collapsing.

Tree bands and cable bracing strengthen trees by creating a supportive structure that redistributes stress, reinforcing weak areas, and reducing the risk of branch or trunk failure.

Various types of trees, including those with weak or split trunks, large, heavy limbs, or trees with multiple trunks, can benefit from cable bracing.

If your tree has signs such as visible cracks or splits in the trunk, major limbs with significant decay or weakness, or trees that lean excessively, it needs cable bracing for external support.

Tree cable bracing provides immediate support. It is not a permanent solution. Over time, trees may require periodic inspections and adjustments to maintain the effectiveness of the bracing system.

When installed correctly, tree cables should not damage the tree. However, if left in place for an extended period, the cables may girdle or restrict growth. Regular inspections and adjustments can prevent long-term damage.

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