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Do you have one or more mature trees on your property that require maintenance? At MTS Trees, we proudly offer crown reduction pruning that can control the size and shape of a tree. This service can prevent bigger and older trees from succumbing to inclement weather or decay, keeping them alive and healthy for many years to come. From reducing overly long or heavy branches to form a new and smaller crown through to removing branches with significant defects, there’s nothing we can’t do.

The Importance of Crown Reduction Services

Trees are important for improving air quality, sequestering carbon, reducing stormwater runoff, and more. The older and larger a tree, the more effective it is at doing these things, which is why it should be protected and preserved. However, older trees are more likely to need maintenance and pruning because they can develop cracks or cankers in branches and trunks, compromising their structural integrity.

Crown reduction tree pruning is a process that involves taking the stress off a tree by reducing long, heavy or overextended branches, including those with defects. By removing weight from the end of branches with crown reduction pruning, we can form a new crown without compromising the appearance or health of the tree. It can also prevent major damage from ice or wind storms, encourage new growth, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tree crown reduction is a tree care technique that involves reducing the overall size and volume of a tree’s crown. This helps to maintain the tree’s health, shape, and structural integrity.

Hiring tree crown reduction services should be considered to address issues like overgrown branches, improve light penetration, reduce wind resistance, or prevent tree-related hazards. It enhances the tree’s appearance, promotes healthier growth, and ensures safety for nearby structures and people.

While tree pruning involves the selective removal of branches to maintain tree health and shape, tree crown reduction pruning focuses on reducing the overall size and volume of the canopy. It involves removing branches back to specific points to achieve the desired crown size, shape, and density.

Tree crown reduction may not be suitable for all types of trees. It depends on factors like tree species, health, age, and structural stability. You can consult our professional arborist to determine if tree crown reduction is appropriate for a specific tree.

The best time to remove the canopy of the tree is during the dormant season, typically in late fall or winter. During this period, trees are less susceptible to stress, disease, and insect infestation. However, it doesn’t apply to every tree, so you can call our experts for a visit or inspection to learn more.

Yes, our tree care services are licensed and certified by related authorities. We adhere to industry standards and safety protocols to ensure the highest quality of tree care and customer satisfaction.

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