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Does a tree on your property have one or more dead branches? At MTS Trees, we can provide safe and efficient deadwood removal that involves removing dead branches from within the tree canopy. Whether small internal branches have died naturally due to the upper canopy growing to block natural light, or larger branches on the extremities of the canopy have died due to disease and decay, our highly skilled and fully equipped arborists can be trusted for dead trees Removal in Melbourne.

Our Deadwood Removal Process

Dead branches inevitably fall off a tree as part of its natural lifecycle, but our deadwood tree service fast-tracks the process. Our process of removing dead branches involves climbing throughout every section of the canopy. We use advanced rigging techniques to safely lower large sections of dead branches to the ground. You can rest assured we know what we’re doing and can get the job done.

Why Is Deadwood Removal Important?

Are you wondering why you should organise deadwood tree remove services? First and foremost, deadwood can fall off when it loses strength. This can pose a serious risk to people and property if it’s hanging over roads, footpaths or buildings. Secondly, deadwood can attract pests and diseases that can affect otherwise healthy parts of a tree. In addition, a tree without dead branches looks much better and healthier as it allows for more light to promote new growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deadwood refers to the dead or decaying branches within a tree. It is crucial to remove deadwood from trees because it poses safety risks, can harbour pests, and resists tree growth.

Look for signs like brittle or grey branches, a lack of foliage, and bark that easily peels off. Our professionals can help with inspecting the tree or group of trees and providing cost-effective deadwood removal.

Deadwood removal promotes healthy tree growth by eliminating potential barriers to sunlight, air circulation, and nutrient absorption. It also reduces the risk of disease spread and improves the tree’s structural integrity.

Dead trees removal is highly important as dead trees can pose significant hazards. They are prone to falling during storms or strong winds, causing damage to property, people, and other living trees.

Properly conducted deadwood removal does not harm a tree’s overall health. In fact, it benefits the tree by reducing the risk of disease, improving structural stability, and promoting new growth.

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