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Do you need land cleared for building projects, hazard reduction, bushfire management, property subdivision or general landscaping? At MTS Trees, we provide professional land clearing for Melbourne residents and businesses. Our specialists have the skills, equipment and experience to remove obstacles and make room for new developments. We’ll take your needs and plans into account, ensuring that the outcome leaves you satisfied.

Reasons to Clear Land

Land clearing services are requested for various reasons, some of which include:

  • Making room for new building and infrastructure development projects
  • Limiting the spread of fire by removing trees and shrubs to keep buildings and people safe
  • Improving farming and agriculture operations by removing safe havens for wild pests
  • Removing dead or fallen trees and rotting or termite infested tree stumps
  • Creating a firebreak to stop fires from spreading
  • Promoting healthy growth of vegetation
  • Protecting nearby buildings and structures from hazards

Please note that land clearing is a complicated process and requires government approval to ensure it is carried out properly without impacting the surrounding environment or wildlife.

Reasons to Choose MTS Trees

There are multiple land clearing companies, so what makes MTS Trees stand out from the crowd? Our points of difference include:

  • Extensive expertise and experience
  • Access to the best tools and equipment
  • Responsible and safe approach
  • Highly competitive rates without taking shortcuts
  • Excellent pre and post project planning

You can rely on us to clear land quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

If you’re looking for the best land clearing contractors, there’s no better choice than MTS Trees. Give us a call or message us online to learn more and discuss your requirements.