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Motivated & Dedicated Tree Arborist Box Hill North

Are your trees growing randomly or are tree stumps in your backyard causing tripping accidents? At MTS Trees our professional tree arborist Box Hill North can take care of all the issues. Our specialists have years of experience in doing the job and understand the best way to do the tasks safely. When it comes to equipment and tools we utilise the best and ensure that the client is fully satisfied with the result.

Range of Tree Services Box Hill North

MTS Trees’ range of services is quite vast and we are a local brand offering top-notch tree services Box Hill North. We can manage your trees in the perfect way from pruning to stump grinding to many other services. We have been catering to both residential and commercial clients and our business is the one-stop solution for all tree services.

Tree Pruning Box Hill North

Tree pruning Box Hill North is necessary for ensuring optimum growth and good health of the tree. A tree will not be able to grow when the lower portion of the tree does not receive enough sunlight and hence with pruning some of the leaves in the upper portion are removed carefully. The aesthetic appearance of the tree can be significantly improved by professional arborists using pruning.

Tree Removal Box Hill North

We are trusted and reliable tree removal Box Hill North experts with more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Sometimes storms and bad weather severely damage trees and branches which can cause accidents or injure people necessitating the removal of such trees.

Stump Grinding Box Hill North

Our professional stump grinding Box Hill North will eliminate the stump causing trouble for you thus making your house’s yard look great again. Our stump grinding service does not require a hole bigger than the circumference of the stump to be created and hence reduces your expense. The damage to the garden is also very minimal in this case and we also clean up the area after the job is done.

Land Clearing Box Hill North

Land clearing Box Hill North can be necessitated due to many reasons from land subdivision requirements to bushfire management. The process of land clearing needs approval from the local council and needs to follow regulations. We are well-versed with all the procedures thus not just doing the job perfectly but also getting the approval for you quite easily.

Additional Services

We are committed to offering a full range of tree services for serving our clients better and hence we are not just limited to the above-mentioned services. Some of our other services include cable bracing trees, deadwood removal, crown reduction, hedge trimming, etc.

Reach Out to Us for More Info

If you want to more know about us, and the work we do, or book our services then please do reach out to us. Call us at 0448 168 753 or message us online and we will resolve your queries.