Tree Services in Toorak

Do you have one or more trees that have died or are growing out of hand? Are you concerned about the danger a dead or overgrown tree poses to nearby buildings and people? At MTS Trees, our highly trained and experienced tree arborist in Toorak can come to your location and provide the assistance you need.

Our Services

We proudly offer a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial tree services in Toorak. You can rely on us to manage the health and safety of trees, including preventing overgrowth, managing pests and diseases, enhancing aesthetics, clearing land for property development, and more.

Tree Pruning

We can provide tree pruning in Toorak to remove dead branches, thin out the canopy, control the direction of new growth, prevent the spread of pests and diseases, and improve the overall health and aesthetic appearance of a tree.

Tree Removal

We offer safe and efficient tree removal in Toorak for trees that have become unsightly, obtrusive or dangerous. Our professionals are fully equipped to handle jobs of all sizes and will closely inspect the tree to determine the best course of action.

Stump Grinding

When tree stumps are taking up space and getting in the way, you can rely on our experts to provide stump grinding in Toorak. This can remove an eyesore and tripping hazard, create more space for plants and structures, eliminate unwanted pests and diseases, and promote new growth. What’s more, grinded stumps create reusable wood chips that can be used as mulch or to fill the hole left behind.

Land Clearing

We offer land clearing in Toorak to create space for building projects, remove hazards, manage bushfire threats, and assist with general landscaping. This is a complicated process requiring government approval to minimise environmental damage, but you can rest assured we know what we’re doing and will ensure permission has been granted by the relevant authorities.

Additional Services

We also offer other tree services in Toorak, including:

  • Hedge Trimming – Our hedge trimming in Toorak ensures hedges are healthy and even, removing dead or dying sections for a better overall appearance.
  • Crown Reduction – Our crown reduction tree pruning in Toorak can control the size of a tree and maintain its shape by reducing overly long or heavy branches to form a new crown.
  • Deadwood Removal – Dead branches inevitably fall off a tree as part of its natural lifecycle, but we can provide a deadwood tree service in Toorak that fast tracks the process.
  • Cabling & Bracing – Our tree cabling and bracing in Toorak can strengthen and support the structure of a tree that has gotten weak as a result of age or stress.

Learn More Today

Make MTS Trees your first choice next time you need professional tree services in Toorak. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do and how we can help. Alternatively, you can get a quote and book our services. Give us a call on 0488 168 753 or message us online.