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Tree Stump Grinder in Melbourne

If your property has unsightly tree stumps that are taking up space and getting in the way, the team at MTS Trees can remove them without any hassle. We offer a professional stump grinding service that leaves you with a clear space which you can use as you see fit.  Whether you want new plants to take its place or you’re looking to build new structures, our experts have the necessary skills and tree stump grinder equipment to get the job done. We’ll also clean-up the area afterwards to leave your property looking great.

The Benefits of Commercial Stump Grinder

Our domestic or commercial stump grinder:

  • Remove an eyesore and tripping hazard from your front or backyard
  • Create space for new plants or erecting new structures
  • Eliminate unwanted pests such as termites as well as diseases
  • Promote growth, including new trees

Furthermore, ground stumps create small reusable wood chips which you can use as mulch or to fill in the hole left behind. In addition, grinding stumps is cheaper and easier than removing them. With our stump grinding service, there’s no need to dig a hole larger than the circumference of the stump and no need for a crane to extract it, meaning fewer expenses and less damage to your garden.

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You can’t go wrong choosing MTS Trees for efficient stump grinding in Melbourne. You can reach us by giving us a call or submitting an enquiry online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.