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Are you looking for someone who specialises in the care of trees? At MTS Trees, our tree arborist is knowledgeable about all types of trees and can provide a range of services to keep them in the best possible condition, or deal with trees that are beyond saving. We’re trained and equipped to get the job done and leave you fully satisfied with the results. Whether you need arborist tree removal, pruning or other services, our fully qualified and highly experienced team can get the job done.

How Our Tree Arborist Can Help

Our tree specialist arborist can provide the following services:

  • Tree Pruning – We can improve the overall health and appearance of a tree by removing dead branches, thinning out the canopy, eliminating pests and diseases, and more.
  • Tree Removal – Our tree removal arborist can safely and efficiently remove unsightly, obtrusive or dangerous trees that can’t be pruned or saved.
  • Stump Grinding – We can grind unsightly or hazardous tree stumps to create space, promote new growth and eliminate pests or diseases.
  • Land Clearing – We can clear space for construction projects, bushfire management, general landscaping and other purposes.

We also offer hedge trimming to ensure optimal health and even growth, crown reduction to control the size and shape of more mature trees, deadwood removal that fast tracks the process of removing dead branches, and cabling and bracing to strengthen and support the structure of weak trees.

Call Our Tree Specialist Arborist Today

If you’re looking for a trusted tree arborist in Melbourne, you won’t be disappointed by what MTS Trees can do. Visit our contact page and get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to learn how we can provide care for trees on and around your property.