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Do you have dead, dangerous, or unwanted trees on your site? Or maybe a neighbour’s tree limbs are overhanging your yard? At MTS’s Tree Services, we have a range of tree care solutions to suit both residential and commercial sites.

From tree pruning and hedge trimming to stump grinding and planting advice, our qualified arborists can help you. We bring all our own equipment and machinery to every job, and while we’re on-site, we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Tree Services
Cable Bracing Trees Cable Bracing Trees

CABLE BRACING TREES SERVICES Tree Cable Bracing Does your tree have limp or drooping branches? This might be indicative of stress on its structure due...

Tree Removal Melbourne Deadwood Removal

DEADWOOD REMOVAL SERVICES Does a tree on your property have one or more dead branches? At MTS Trees, we can provide safe and efficient deadwood...

Tree Cutters Tree Arborist

TREE ARBORIST SERVICES Tree Arborist Services Hiring tree specialists is no more an arduous procedure now! At MTS Trees, our every tree arborist is knowledgeable...

Tree Removal Melbourne Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction Tree Pruning Do you have one or more mature trees on your property that require maintenance? At MTS Trees, we proudly offer crown...

Why Choose Us?
Licensed, Accredited & Fully Insured

We hold all of the necessary accreditations and licenses to carry out the work. We are also fully insured.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We get the job completed safely, efficiently, and to a standard that would not only satisfy but impress the most fastidious of property owners.

Complete range of tree Services

No job is too big or too small! Our knowledgeable and dedicated team are equipped to handle and solve any project thrown their way.

Tree Removal Service
Our Story

MTS first formed his company in 2010. With a certificate in horticulture, he hired a mate and a small truck and chipper and set to work. Now, MTS’s Tree Services has grown into a small team of passionate and skilled arborists with industry-leading equipment and machinery.

With a history of 100 per cent customer satisfaction, you can trust MTS’s Trees Services to deliver comprehensive tree care solutions in a safe, honest, and reliable way.

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