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Tree Pruning Service in Melbourne

Are you concerned about damage to nearby buildings or structures to over growth of a tree? Fortunately, MTS Trees offers highly efficient tree pruning in Melbourne for domestic and commercial spaces. Whether you need tree pruning in Lilydale to improve the health and appearance of a tree or you need tree pruning in Mitcham to remove dead branches and improve safety, we can trim trees without causing them harsh damage.

Reasons to Get Trees Pruned

MTS Trees operates throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and can respond to requests of all kinds. Some of the major reasons why people request tree pruning in Melbourne include:

  • Removing dead branches that risk falling off at any time, making the surrounding area safer
  • Thinning out the canopy to allow more natural light to reach inner and lower leaves
  • Clearing limbs and branches that are encroaching on nearby buildings and services
  • Controlling the direction of new growth and giving shape to the tree
  • Preventing the spread of pests and diseases, such as termites
  • Improving the overall health and aesthetic appearance of the tree

Fruit Tree Pruning in Melbourne

Experts at MTS Trees are well-versed in pruning fruit trees to promote new growth, so whether you need help pruning pear trees or pruning plum trees, we can help. Our skilled arborists utilise precise techniques while doing fruit tree pruning to enhance tree health, promote fruit production, and ensure optimal growth.

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We comply with all Australian standards and government regulations so you can rest assured that the job will be undertaken with the utmost professionalism, safety and efficiency. If you need an effective tree pruning in the Melbourne eastern suburbs, get in touch with MTS Trees today and consult our professionals for free quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

As per the experts, the best time to prune fruit trees or common trees is late winter or early spring. However, mainly it depends on various factors including tree species and specific circumstances. Consult our professionals about the trimming and pruning of the specific trees on your land.

Tree pruning helps to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches, which can prevent the spread of diseases and pests. Pruning also promotes better airflow and sunlight penetration throughout the canopy, reducing the risk of fungal infections. Additionally, pruning can help shape the tree’s structure, improving its stability against storms.

As professional arborists, we employ various techniques of tree pruning in Melbourne including crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction, and deadwood removal depending on the specific needs of your tree. We use techniques to improve light penetration and airflow as well as reduce the height or spread of the tree.

As a professional tree pruning service, we adhere to safety protocols and guidelines when working near power lines. In most cases, pruning trees near power lines is best left to utility arborists, who are specifically trained for this type of work.

Yes, we understand that emergencies can arise, such as storm damage or hazardous tree conditions. We offer emergency tree pruning service to address immediate safety concerns and mitigate further damage.

The charges for tree pruning vary depending on several factors, including the size and species of the tree, the complexity of the pruning required, accessibility to the tree, and the specific services you need. Contact our professionals to learn more about service locations and charges.

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