The Environmental Impact of Tree Removal: Balancing Preservation & Safety

The Environmental Impact of Tree Removal: Balancing Preservation & Safety

Employing a tree removal company to remove a tree from your property should not be a spontaneous decision. While a single tree might seem insignificant, there are actually several factors you must consider before deciding to remove it. Perhaps most pressingly, you should take into account how your actions will affect your home and neighbours. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the substantial benefits that trees bring to the environment, as well as the potential dangers they can pose to you and your home. Balancing preservation and safety can be tricky, but it is necessary to do so before you take advantage of professional tree removal services.

Tree Removal- MTSWhy You Should Think Carefully About Tree Removal?

Trees are an important part of our natural environment and present a host of benefits to us and our surroundings. It’s important to take these benefits into account before you decide how to deal with the trees on or around your property. While tree removal is sometimes necessary, removing trees without a good reason is irresponsible and can lead to issues down the track.

Environmental Significance

Everyone knows that trees are important for our environment, but it’s easy to overlook the full extent of their significance. For example, trees provide habitats for more than just a couple of birds. Even a single tree is probably a home or hiding place for all kinds of creatures, including possums, several species of bird, and a variety of insects. Trees also remove pollution from the air, taking in harmful carbon dioxide and thereby improving air quality. Furthermore, their complex root systems are crucial for soil stabilisation, which minimises soil erosion caused by wind or rain.

Quality of Your Space

As well as being an essential element of our natural environment, trees can actually add a lot to your home. For example, some trees provide natural shade that can make outdoor spaces a lot more appealing. These kinds of larger, leafier trees can also provide some subtle but significant privacy for those residing in the home. They are additionally very beautiful, and offer a simple, naturalistic and homey aesthetic a lot of people love. From a practical standpoint, trees will help to cool down your home, thereby reducing energy costs during those hot summer months. Studies even show that having healthy and mature trees around your home will increase the property value.

When Should You Consider Professional Tree Removal?

As we’ve discovered, inciting the services of a tree removal company is not something you should do on a whim. However, certain circumstances do make tree removal necessary, and these circumstances should not be ignored. If the trees on your property pose a major threat to people or structures, you need to address these hazards as efficiently as possible. Here’s what to do when a tree poses a threat.

1. When the Tree Is Dead or Dying?

While it may seem harmless, a tree that is dead or dying is a safety hazard. Dead trees are more likely to shed branches or fall over entirely, which can lead to damaged property or injured passers-by. Dead or decaying trees are also attractive to pests, which can make the tree even less stable. To make matters worse, pests have the potential to infect other healthy trees in the vicinity. If the tree has died due to a disease, this disease can also be passed onto nearby trees, causing further issues.

2. Once the Tree Becomes Hazardous

One of the most common reasons for tree removal is because the tree or trees in question pose a threat to people or structures in the vicinity. We’ve already established that dead or decaying trees pose a threat, but even perfectly healthy trees can be dangerous if they are very large, have overhanging branches, and/or are situated close to homes. If a storm occurred, trees like these can cause significant damage. You should also keep an eye out for leaning trees, trees with loosely attached limbs or broken branches, and multi-stemmed trees with included bark.

These kinds of trees are more likely to collapse or drop branches that can damage homes, cause car accidents, hurt walkers and bike riders, and cause significant injury to tree-climbing kids. It’s also worth noting that invasive or above-ground roots can be very destructive, tearing up pavements and underground pipes.

3. When You’re Approaching Bushfire Season?

If you have trees or any vegetation on your property, it’s incredibly important to consider whether they pose a fire hazard. This is particularly crucial if you live in a fire-prone area and/or are approaching bushfire season. Red flags to look out for include trees with dead leaves, needles, or branches, as dry foliage is highly flammable.Overhanging branches can also be dangerous, as they could come into contact with power lines or other ignition sources and spark a flame.

Finally, you should remove trees that are too close to structures, roads, or the entry points of your property, as these could obstruct firefighting efforts in the case of a fire. Keep in mind that sufficient pruning and maintenance should minimise a lot of these issues, and you should be thinking about maintenance all year round.

What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Taking Action?

If you’re thinking about removing a bothersome tree, you should be aware that within Australia, you will almost always require permission to do so from your local council. While the specific tree protection laws and requirements vary between councils, most require residents to apply for a permit before moving forward with significant tree works. Failure to do so can result in fines and legal action.

If you share ownership of the tree with someone else, you will also need to confer with them and receive their permission. This might occur if the tree is situated on common property, such as a unit complex. Once you have permission from the council and any co-owners, be sure to leave the tree removal process itself to a professional. The only people equipped to properly and safely remove trees are those from specialist tree removal services.

Do Things the Right Way

When it comes to tree removal, it can be tempting to take short-cuts. However, removing trees without completing necessary research, receiving due permissions or taking important safety precautions can result in a myriad of issues. Whether you’re minimising hazards, prepping for fire season or avoiding storm damage, professional tree removal services are the way to go.

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