What Are Arborists’ Services & Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Arborists’ Services & Why Do You Need Them?

A Guide to How Our Expert Team Can Help Your Garden Flourish

Arborists Services

We all want an abundant, green garden, but not all of us have the skills to keep one happy and healthy — that’s where good tree service companies can help. An arborist is a tree doctor, consultant and caretaker all rolled into one. Whether you have a massive pruning or tree removal job to do, or a smaller problem with pests and planting, let the experts at Melbourne Tree Services help. In this blog, we’ll discuss all the different arborist services in Melbourne we have on offer to whip your yard into shape.

How To Prune Your Trees Properly With Arborists’ Services?

Wondering how to give your leafy favourites the TLC they deserve? Look no further — Melbourne Tree Services are the tree pruning experts Australia relies on. Our seasoned specialists aren’t just tree trimmers; they’re licensed arborists armed with the knowledge to ensure your trees thrive. First off, timing is everything — we know when and how to prune, considering the species and local conditions.

Next, we focus on strategic cuts to remove dead or damaged branches, promoting healthier growth. Our goal? Shaping your trees with precision while preserving their natural beauty. Our arborists also assess the overall tree health, identifying and addressing issues to keep them robust. When you turn to a qualified arborist, you avoid common mistakes, like cutting a tree too far back or killing it by pruning during the wrong season.

Why Should Homeowners Rely on Professional Arborists for Tree Removal?

There are few things in life as frightening as that ‘crack’ you hear right before one of your beloved trees falls. Whether because of storm damage, or because the tree has died, sometimes you’ll need a tree taken out of your yard. MTS is pleased to offer tree removal in Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and more. But why go to the experts for this job?

First things first, safety is the name of the game. Our arborists are trained to handle the nitty-gritty of tree removal, minimising risks and ensuring a smooth process. They’ve got the skills to assess the situation, considering factors like tree health, structural integrity, and potential hazards. No one wants a tree limb surprise on their roof, right?

Secondly, the specialists at Melbourne Tree Services bring in the expertise and specialised equipment, saving you from wielding a chainsaw like a lumberjack on a DIY spree. Plus, they’ll guide you on whether removal is the best bet or if there’s a chance to nurse your tree back to health. It’s all about making the right call and leaving your yard looking lush.

What Are the Common Tree Pests & Diseases & How Can Arborists Mitigate Them?

Let’s talk about the best time to call an arborist service in Melbourne: when unsolicited guests wreak havoc on our leafy friends. First up, meet the notorious pests: aphids, beetles and caterpillars. These little troublemakers love to munch on leaves, and if left unchecked, they can turn your beautiful tree into a salad bar. The team of arborists at Melbourne Tree Services will step in with insecticidal treatments and beneficial insects to keep these critters in check.

Now, onto the diseases — fungal infections like powdery mildew and root rot can take a happy tree and turn it into something far more depressing. Arborists bring out the big guns, aka fungicides and proper pruning techniques, to prevent and treat these ailments. Regular check-ups by arborists are like GP visits for your trees, catching issues early on. So, when pests and diseases come knocking, let our team of arborists answer the door.

What Are the Best Practices for Enhancing Tree Health Through Fertilisation & Mulching by Arborists?

If you’ve been wondering why fertilisation and mulching are essential for your trees — and how arborists can help you with this tricky process — you’ve found the right blog. Alright, let’s dive into this dynamic duo for happy, healthy trees. First off, think of fertiliser as a power-packed snack for your branchy buddies. Trees, like us, need nutrients to thrive, and sometimes the soil might need a boost. Arborists come in with their nutrient-rich blends, giving your trees the vitamins and minerals they crave.

Now, onto mulching: the superhero of water retention and weed control. Mulch acts like a cosy blanket for the soil, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, it suppresses those pesky weeds that try to steal the spotlight. Arborists apply a nice layer of mulch around the base of your trees, creating a protective zone. The experts know how to apply mulch in just the right way to make sure you don’t end up suffocating your plant or causing decay. Mulch can be risky in the wrong hands!

What Are the Benefits of Professional Arborist Services for Planting & Transplanting Trees?

Planting and transplanting trees may sound like a straightforward task, but bringing in professional tree service companies can make a world of difference. First off, arborists have the lowdown on the ideal tree species for your specific soil and climate. Think of it as matchmaking for trees — ensuring a long and happy relationship with your backyard. Now, when it comes to planting, precision is key. Arborists know the right depth, spacing and techniques to give your saplings the best possible start. Too close, and they’ll struggle. Too far apart and they might not have enough support. Arborists are tree whisperers, making sure your new green additions settle in with minimal stress.

Transplanting, on the other hand, can be a bit like moving day for trees. Arborists handle it with finesse, considering factors like root health, soil conditions and the perfect timing for minimal shock. Calling in the experts will ensure a smooth transition to their new digs.

Get Expert Help With the Arborists at Melbourne Tree Services

In a nutshell, professional arborists bring expertise to the garden game, making sure your trees not only survive but thrive throughout the seasons. Consider it your green-thumb guarantee. We do all jobs, big and small, including land clearing, stump removal, hedge trimming, cable bracing and much more. Servicing all of the east to south-east, from Doncaster to Toorak and right down to Mornington, Melbourne Tree Specialists are your go-to experts in all things leafy. Contact us today!